Attending BsidesSF and RSAC 2012

2012-02-25 12:15:15 by chort

Just a quick note to let folks know my schedule for RSAC week. I'll be at BSidesSF both Monday and Tuesday all day. Tuesday afternoon at 2PM @JaredPfost and I will be giving our follow-up to the Money$sec talk we did last year. Thursday morning I plan on being at the Securosis Recovery Breakfast and Friday will be the Security Wineout with @pauljudge and @petermannmc

Unfortunately I don't think I can stay for Baysec or the BSidesSF party on Monday night. I might spend some time on the RSAC exhibit floor Thursday, but that's iffy. If you want to meet me, Monday and Tuesday at BSidesSF are your best bets, or Thursday morning at the recovery breakfast. Make sure to mark your calendar for the Security Wineout next year so you don't miss out again!

oclHashcat-lite benchmarks on Radeon HD 6550D (A8-3850 APU)

2012-02-04 00:25:44 by chort

In the interest of science, to see just how fast a mobile-class GPU cracks passwords, I run the benchmarks on oclHashcat-lite-0.08 and oclHashcat-lite-0.09. I think pentesters may be surprised by how fast they could crack passwords on a laptop GPU, compared with rainbow tables or (shudder) CPU.

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