Hey secure.onlineticketorders.com, your website makes me nervous

2011-06-24 16:27:04 by chort

Don't you just love those sites that try to make you feel "extra safe" by putting padlock images on everything, even the "next" button?

They'll need all the credibility they can get when they have post-purchase landing pages like this one. Can you spot how not to get ambushed by their sleazy up-sell?

Just in case you had misgivings about the clearly desperate and unprofessional tactics, you should be reassured that they're certified... something or other! These logos practically ooze professionalism!

You guys are lucky consumer choice doesn't play a factor in your industry, because there's no way in hell I'd buy from your website if I had a credible online alternative (yes I know about StubHub, but everyone is trying to sell their tickets at a markup for this event).

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